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I am a graphic designer, illustrator, Anthropologie girl, avid plant keeper, and earth tone enthusiast. My goal in life, and in my art, is to simply make beautiful things that we as humans can forge a connect with.  

A bit about me:

I’m a Four on the Enneagram, and fit the introspective, individualistic and ever-growing arc to a tee. My second type is a Nine, accounting for my olive-branch mindset (and background in global debate and peace promotion).

My artistic inclinations began when I was young, and have managed to hold steady for 21 years now.. Since I started lettering in the 10th grade, I’ve  learned the traditional methods of calligraphy and modern forms of hand lettering, finding a happy medium between the two styles to create a modern and elegant style.

I’m a Northern California native living in Southern California after a short stint in the Pacific Northwest. I love to travel, explore, and learn. When not at my desk, you can find me at the beach, working as a bridal stylist at BHLDN in Anthropologie, or adventuring around some National Park with my love.

My work contains elements of calligraphy, illustration, branding, and typography blended to create unique and individualized pieces. This curated style blends both of these elements to create custom branding and stationary suites for clients , carefully kerned typographic layouts and spreads, and clean, refreshing  — I love to create connections with those I design for and with, and I want the end result of each product to reflect the heart, soul, and vision of its owner.